Is it your first time immigrating to any other country? Are you nervous? If you are, then we at Arizona Migrations are there to assist you. Migrating to New Zealand is not an easy procedure; there are lots of things involved. New Zealand has been a dream destination for many aspirants looking for employment opportunities and a peaceful atmosphere. Since the immigration procedure can be full of difficulties, all you require is the most dependable migration consultant to assist you. Contact our team if you want to know the benefits of New Zealand work permit.

We, at Arizona Migrations, are there to help the aspirants. If you live in a big city like Dubai and want to apply for a student work visa, you can connect with our consultants. The team of immigration consultants that we have are highly skilled and experienced to provide the best solution to you whenever you come across any difficulty.

With no surprise, immigrating to NZ can be a complicated process. Also, it is not easy to apply for a New Zealand student work permit. It is so difficult that, at times, a lot of individuals cancel the plan of migration and application in between the process.

Our professional team offers you the top-rated service and ensures that you avert any interruptions and errors during the student work permit visa application procedure. We execute everything from offering correct assistance and assessing your aptness to receive an immigration approval to leaving you stress-free from the tedious and difficult procedure of full liability throughout this process.

Job Seeker Visa for New Zealand

An NZ visa under the employment visa category will let you reside, study and work within New Zealand for an indefinite period. You can bring your spouse and your dependent children (below or equal to the age of 24 years), too. The visa guidelines are based on a points system that factors in various components viewed to be employability and settlement indicators.

You must submit an online Expression of Interest to initiate the procedure of becoming an NZ citizen. An employment letter is generally needed to meet the points threshold and to advance to the following step of the visa application procedure. Our skilled worker visa for New Zealand will offer you the backing you’ll require to complete this procedure fruitfully.

The Route to PR under the Skilled Permanent Work Visa Category is Difficult

The resident permit application procedure formally includes 2 major phases. These are the actual Residence Visa Application and The Express of Interest. In some instances, an external assessment of the credentials of the candidate by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority will be required, too, and for specific occupations, registering with the official organization in charge may be needed.

But in reality, the procedure of becoming a permanent resident under the skilled migration category policy is a lot more complex than that.

How Can Our Certified Migration Consultants and Other Experts Deal with Your Route to PR for You?

Our certified and licensed migration consultants will work hand in hand, supporting your visa immigration procedure along with your employment search and considering your personal timing for your entry in NZ. At Arizona Migrations, we’ll look after the entire temporary work visa process for you from the beginning to the end.

Thorough research will make sure that all required paperwork is complete and every document or certificate is there in the mandatory format. For the optimization of your visa procedure, our team will arrange and prepare all required documents for your application right from the start of your migration journey. Most of this work can be executed prior to your entry in NZ, and we suggest that you start working with us well ahead of your entrance in New Zealand.

This will create a situation in which we can submit your application to migrate to NZ as quickly as your meet every visa eligibility criterion.

A majority of immigrants will have to claim points for skilled employment in NZ in their Expression of Interest for attaining the present points benchmark of 160.

Our job seeker visa for New Zealand program is intended to make you ready for your job search, and after that, providing your great support during your job search.

Appointing a certified and experienced migration consultant all through your employment search will lessen future company resistance to hire you as long as you don’t possess a permit yet.

When our job search experts assist you in seeking a job that is appropriate for you, our migration consultants will assist your job search by offering to aid your future company with the required New Zealand work permit requirements.

We advise the applicants to avoid submitting an Expression of Interest until you can be completely sure that it’ll be selected in the later selection.

Get the best help from our experts to know the work visa application processing time for New Zealand.



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