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Migrate to Germany

Have you been looking to migrate from Dubai to Germany?  Arizona Migration is here for you! Germany is known to be one of the best places to migrate to, and we do not oppose this notion. Because, if you are an investor, then Germany is your prime destination as it is extremely advanced technologically. This country has given ample opportunities to people from all over the world, for example, people from; Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka. You can find a perfect job in this country and settle down with your family once and for all. 

This is your best opportunity to shift from a forever job to a permanent one. While the migration process can be a hassle, all you need is the right immigration consult in a big city like Dubai, and guess what? We are here. If you are in Dubai and were to team up with the best immigration consultants in this country, then you need not worry. The best immigration consultants can help you experience seamless and hassle-free immigration from Dubai to Germany. GET A FREE ASSESSMENT NOW!

Migrate to Germany

We provide you with the best service and make sure that you avoid any delays or mistakes during the process of migration and immigration. We do everything, from providing the right help, checking your eligibility to get an immigration and migration approval to leaving you relaxed from the tiring and hard process of complete responsibility during this procedure, we have got you covered! We provide you with legal advice, complete assistance during this process,  and also the best easy, and most comfortable way to relocate, whether it is temporary or permanent.

Arizona Migrations provides you with counseling facilities as well as legal advice for the immigration and migration procedure. This way, there is a high chance that you are well-prepped for your relocation to Germany.

One of the biggest benefits of Migrate to Germany is that the migrants receive the same or most similar citizen rights as the actual citizens. These benefits include:

  • No net worth or income taxation
  • The applicant’s family can apply for a permanent residency if they require to
  • Extremely easy access to other European countries
  • If you are well-versed with all the legal systems and social systems in Germany then you can easily avail the residency permit for a minimum period of at least five years
  • Free education and healthcare access.

Migrate to Germany


Different types of Migrations we offer

1. Germany Job
seeker migration

  • Germany Jobseeker Migration is a long term residency permit. It is meant for a period of 6 months.
  • During the time duration, you can search for a job in Germany.
  • At the end of the duration, if you have been hired by an employer, then you would be offered a Germany work migration or a Germany work permit.
  • You can not work immediately but only search for a job with this migration.

2. Permanent Residency migration

  • A permanent residency migration allows you to dwell for an unspecified period in Germany. But it is not the same as becoming a German citizen or having a German passport.
  • The people belonging to the EU or EEA do not have to apply for the permanent residence permit.
  • EU and EEA citizens already have the right to work and live in Germany.
  • But the UK citizens and other non-EU and non-EEA individuals can apply for this permanent permit after residing in the country for five years.

3. Settlement Migration

  • The foreigners who have lawfully resided in Germany for a few years can procure a settlement migration.
  • A settlement migration, allows individuals to live or study for an unlimited time period in Germany.
  • The people with the help of the settlement migration can even bring their family members to the country.
  • If you have a settlement migration for a successful two years in Germany then you can require naturalization.
  • A requirement to get this migration is that the person must be a graduate of German higher education. Institution.

Migrate to Germany

4. Germany working migration

  • If you want to get employed in Germany then you should have a Germany working migration.
  • This is an authorizing document that gives you permission to become part of the German Labour market.
  • Along with a German working migration, you should also have a residence permit which is necessary for you to live in Germany.
  • The individuals can apply for work and residence permits in a single authority.

5. Blue card
migration - EU

  • The University graduates or people with similar qualifications belonging to the non-EU countries can reside in Germany with the help of the EU blue card migration.
  • The EU Blue card migration facilitates the highly adroit and qualified individuals to reside and work in Germany permanently.
  • It facilitates in transforming the German labor market and making it more skilled.
  • The shortage of employees can be met by employing individuals from outside through this migration.

Migrate to Germany

6. Germany employment migration

  • The skilled workers can continue their businesses in Germany and settle there with a Germany Employment migration.
  • The applicant can settle and work in Germany for up to 2 years with this migration.
  • He or she can extend the migration by applying for the EU Blue card or other permits.

7. study migration

  • With an increasing number of students migrating to Germany, the study migration is becoming quite popular.
  • The students, however, first need to procure a German Student migration from a German consulate in their own country before coming to Germany.
  • On the basis of your country, you can also be exempted from needing a migration.
  • But a residence permit for more than 90 days is essential to fetch once you enter the country.

8. entrepreneur migration

  • No golden migration is given to the individuals for investment in Germany.
  • But an entrepreneur migration is procured to the people to facilitate huge investments in the country.
  • To get this migration, the applicants must have invested a considerable amount in the business and should have created job opportunities in the country.
  • The temporary migrations for the family members of the individual are given after procuring the entrepreneur migration.

Migrate to Germany